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Ranking The Best Examples Of NFL Players Following The Script We've Ever Seen

If you've been on the internet at all in the last 36 hours, I'd venture to guess you've seen this clip in which Arian Foster admits the NFL is scripted. Anyone with half a brain has known this for quite some time, but nobody who has actually put on the charade had come out and said it until Arian had the bravery to do so.

So now that we know it's all scripted, we naturally need to look back and see who has put on the best show. On and off the field, the NFL has done an unbelievable job crafting stories around players and teams. But it's easy to stick to your script as Tom Brady or Bill Belichick. Some others have had to do some real acting to pull this off for so many years.

5. Mark Sanchez

Mark Sanchez makes this list for sticking to the script on Thanksgiving Day 2012, when he gave us one of the most infamous plays in NFL history. Other than losing back-to-back AFC Championship Games, the only thing I could tell you that happened in Sanchez's career was the Butt Fumble. That had to be a tough table read.

4. Russell Wilson in Super Bowl XLIX

Getting all the way down to the goal line to potentially win the Super Bowl in the final minute knowing all the while you have to throw an interception to lose the game is as cruel as it gets. This seems like a prime opportunity for a player to go off-script and hand the ball to Marshawn Lynch, but Wilson reamined loyal to the shield. Respect.

3. The Atlanta Falcons in Super Bowl LI

Oh look, another Super Bowl the script writers handed to the Patriots.

I couldn't decide who to single out from the Falcons for this one, so everyone gets an honorable mention. Dan Quinn and Kyle Shanahan came out in the second half and called exclusively shitty plays while Matt Ryan executed them to perfection and the defense had to make it look like they weren't fucking up on purpose. One of the most masterful acting jobs we've ever seen.

2. Antonio Brown

Talk about a method actor. This man went from one of the best wide receivers in the League to a full-on crazy person on and off the field. Brown's performance for the last few years is on par with Austin Butler talking like Elvis seemingly for the rest of his life.

1. Aaron Hernandez

I mean, there's absolutely no debating the top spot here. Aaron Hernandez makes Antonio Brown's acting job look like Russell Crowe in Les Miserables. Sure, the NFL ripped off the Chris Benoit storyline, but this one was just as compelling.