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This Robber Is Getting Absolutely Flamed On Facebook For His Old Timey Gun, Long Wrist, And Bowling Shoes

This style of post has become commonplace for local police departments. Cities like Bethlehem with less than 100,000 residents often post local crimes to their Facebook page so people in the area know what is going on or can help solve them. Sometimes the citizens also help dole out the punishments, which is exactly what happened here. Not only is buddy going to jail but he's also getting roasted for his Yosemite Sam ass pistol, Pete Weber ass kicks, and that ET lookin ass wrist. 

The internet is giving this dude a good old fashioned public shaming for a that good old fashioned hand musket he used to rob a dry cleaners. And I am 100% here for it. I usually avoid Facebook like the plague because I don't get my news from memes and I couldnt care less that some girl I went to high school with is having her seventh baby. Use a god damn condom, Sheryl. 

But I spent a good 30 minutes reading these comments this morning. If this guy knew he was going to get clowned this bad for holding up a dry cleaners I bet he would have stayed home that day. No need to add insult to injury. Literally.

And what the hell was this dude doing robbing a dry cleaners anyway? Did he need quarters to play pinball at the arcade? I looked this place up and there is probably 50 businesses within a half mile of here that have to bring in more cash than a dry cleaners. We need to bring back Americas Dumbest Criminals.

Anyway, on to the roasting….

Let this to be a lesson for any would-be criminals out there. You don't just have to worry about jail time if you get caught any more. Now you have to worry about people aunts and unlces taking a break from arguing politics so they can shit on your outfit and physical appearance. Just a brutal deal for this dude. 

Tough scene. Tough scene, indeed.