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There Is An Endless AI-Generated Seinfeld Stream Airing On Twitch And It Is So Absurd, It's Actually Kinda Good

That's one small stream for man, one giant win for mankind.

I've been hearing all about AI taking over the content game with Billy using ChatGPT to enhance his performance on this here blog along with Buzzfeed getting a huge bump in their stock after announcing they will be using that futuristic fucker to create clickbait articles, which had me feeling like this:

However if you watched five minutes of that stream, you would know that despite doing a pretty decent job with slightly changing the characters names so they don't get sued as well as recreating the classic Seinfeld settings/transitions with graphics that gave off some serious King's Quest vibes straight from the mid-90s, AI clearly has a massive blindspot for humor because those audience laugh tracks were more forced than a typical episode of Big Bang Theory. 

I'm not talking about bad jokes either. I'm talking about everyday statements that would never be laughed at, making a show about nothing TRULY about nothing. And as someone who gets paid to occasionally be funny, I'm thrilled to see that AI still has some kinks to work out in the comedy department, even though some of this shit is admittedly so bad it's good.

There is also some glitchy shit that occasionally happens in between the unintentional comedy, like Elaine sitting on George, which would never happen since they were barely friends when along with each other, let alone lap dance friends.

Along with Jerry's spine giving out at the worst possible time.

So I am excited to comfortably say that AI won't be taking over the world in 2023. Or at least not until March 2023, because in all honesty the machine is starting to figure things out and once it can compute Larry David's jaded outlook on life along with a handful of Jerry's "What's the deal with" jokes, we're all fucked.

Now if you will excuse me, I am going to get working on a gambling series here at Barstool before the robots corner the market on that next.

P.S. Seeing Jerry's apartment, George's bachelor pad, and the standup club had me reminiscing about the glorious decade of the 90s. But it was this throwback digital TV guide that had caused me to have a full blown nostaligagasm.