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Brandon Walker And Steven Cheah Can Argue All They Want About Lebron James Not Having Notable Highlights, As Long As They Put Respect On One Player's Highlight Mixtape

So yesterday's Picks Central was dominated by Cheah and Brandon Walker talking about if Lebron James career "mixtape" or "highlight tape" had enough noteworthy plays (it starts at the 38 minute mark above). I often try to get my liver removed with a warm spoon before I admit Brandon Walker is right in an argument, but it does seem crazy of Cheah to downplay some of the highlights Lebron has had over the 20 years we've watched him. Nut then again Cheah is crazy so here we are. 

This is way down his list of highlights, but this pass by Lebron was always awesome to watch for me. Korver gets credit for being such a good shooter the defense panics and runs to him, leaving open a wide open slip to the cup. Lebron was so smart he saw it unfolding half a second before it did, sold a rediculous ball fake while palming the ball which is crazy, and dumping it off for the easy dunk. Just a beautiful play , and a really smart basketball play (aside from the defenders) all around. I still love watching it. 

Again, I don't really care about the debate but when two guys bringing it to Twitter, one tweeting from his unfinished basement of video games from 2005 in a milk crate, and another tweeting from a kids table desk. 

Just to clarify who was who in those comparisons. 

Anyway here's their tweets 

They go back and forth for a while on different plays etc. It was I guess a good way to spend their time. Debates are healthy. I look forward to my chance to debate LL President Steve Keener about how corrupt his organization is one day. 

Anyway, I don't really care about Lebron's highlights, or who's got the best highlight film ever. What I am hear to say is that in this wild debate between two wild guys,  there is without a shadow of a doubt one player's mixtape that deserves praise from anyone with a brain, eyes, and a knowledge of the beautiful game of basketball as one of the coolest ever. 

Again, it may not be the best, but you can't watch these highlights or watched him play growing up like I did and not remember that he was a really big deal for a short period of time. People still to this day reference his highlights as some of the best ever, and they were groundbreaking with how he brought street ball moves to the main stage of the NBA and had the balls to try so many of them, and pull them off, like he did. 

I'm talking about Jason Williams aka White Chocolate. 

Listen to how NBA players talk about that impact he had:

Again, I don't care where you rank him all time on highlights of players. He doesn't have to be #1 or in the Top 10 . The rankings don't matter to me.  What I do need, especially from both of these guys is that when you talk about players mixtapes or career highlights, is say that Jason Williams was one of the best highlight players they have ever seen. Guy was built for the SportsCenter Top 10 and even after he's long gone from the league, the second I heard "players with notable highlights" his name came up and it's crazy to me it didn't from Brandon or Cheah. 

Put some respect on Jason Williams name. 

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