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Connor Bedard Did That Thing Again Where He Was The Most Unstoppable Hockey Player On The Planet

Every time Connor Bedard's feet touch a sheet of ice, he's going to launch a puck into the back of the net so hard that your head will spin. It's a Jordie Guarantee at this point. He doesn't need anything even remotely close to resembling an angle. All he needs is the puck on his stick, about 2 inches of space to work with. The moment he pulls the trigger, you know the electric bill for the arena is about to go up with the light show and goal horn going off. 

It's sickening. It's maddening. It's unstoppable at this point in time. 35 games in a row this sick bastard has registered a point, 11 straight with a goal, and he's up to 44 goals and 45 assists on the year. And those numbers would be higher if shootout goals actually counted towards your stats. 

Dread it. Run from it. Bedard arrives all the same. Any goalie who has watched a minute of film on Bedard have already witnessed their own death. They see it coming 100 kilometers away. And yet they still can't do a single thing about it because this kid is an assassin. The only way to avoid death is by being one of the fortunate ones who wears the same sweater as Bedard. Accounting for every team carrying 3 goalies, there are about 93 goalies in the NHL right now who won't have that fortune next year. Keep them in your thoughts and prayers. 

P.S. -- If your favorite NHL team didn't do the right thing this year and lose as many games as possible to end up with Bedard next year, at least Zach Benson will be a nice little consolation prize. Kid's a freak.