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'I Held This Shit Together When Matt Doherty Tore It Apart' - Pitt's Jason Capel, Screaming About The Scumbags At UNC Trolling Him On Twitter

Well, that's certainly something to be screaming about. I guess just to refresh people - Jason Capel, played at UNC and is the current assistant coach for Pitt. Jeff Capel, played at Duke and is the current head coach at Pitt. Even more shocking is that Pitt is actually decent this year. Not like oh they have a couple wins, but they can actually make the NCAA Tournament.

Anywho, back to last night. They play at UNC, sweep UNC and get the win by 1. But what is Jason Capel screaming about? Let Jeff Capel explain it here: 

I was very interested. What the hell could they be trolling Jason Capel with? Well, look at this disgusting act from UNC's twitter account: 

They used a picture of the person wearing 25 and sticking his tongue out. The same 25 that Capel wore at UNC. Sickening if you ask me. I wouldn't expect anything less from those wine and cheese scumbags at Chapel Hill. Turning on one of their owns who saved the program while Matt Doherty ruined it. How dare they? Show some respect UNC! This is on them and how they get swept by Pitt. Just a heinous, disgusting act all around.