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Let The Record Show That Wayne Simmonds Is Still As Good At Caving Opponents' Faces In As Ever Before

Richard Lautens. Getty Images.

It's safe to say that Wayne Simmonds might be nearing the end of his career. He's 34-years-old, on the final year of his contract, and has only played in 13 games so far this season with 1 assist on the stat sheet. Obviously he's not the same Wayne Simmonds he was when he was a 30-goal scorer with the Philadelphia Flyers and consistently putting up 50-60 points. There was a stretch of a few years there when he was one of the most feared and dominant power forwards in the game. Maybe not so much anymore. 

But don't get it twisted. Wayne Simmonds should still be feared. Very much so. And if you're foolish enough to drop the gloves with this man, well the good news is that you were probably already so sick in the head that you won't have to worry about any further brain injuries. 

It was at this exact moment right here where AJ Greer realized he made the biggest mistake of his life. 

Poor guy scores a goal and gets to celebrate it by having his face beat to a pulp by the Wayne Train. Credit for having the guts to step up in that moment and accept the dance invitation from Simmonds. But I'd imagine there were a few better life decisions to be made in that moment. And while the fight itself was pretty awesome, this camera angle was immaculate. 

To me, that right there is cinema. Honestly might be the single greatest shot hockey fight we've ever seen. It's beautiful. It's magnificent. It's what every fight should aspire to be. 

Sidenote: Maybe Michael Bunting would start to get a few more calls if he didn't act like a literal psychopath every night towards the refs. 

The guy is out of his mind. Granted there may have been a few egregious missed calls in that game last night. But Bunting sure as shit won't be getting any help from the refs any time soon out there. He has skyrocketed up the rankings of most insufferable bastards in hockey this year.