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Wild Boars Are Running Rampant All Over Italy To The Point The Italian Government Has Declared Hunting Them In Cities Legal And Appreciated

The Guardian - Italy’s ruling right-wing coalition is set to loosen hunting rules to deal with what the country’s farming lobby has called an “invasion” of wild boars.

The boars are common in the countryside, but have recently also been spotted in central parts of Rome, attracted by the Eternal City’s chronically overflowing rubbish skips.

In a change sponsored by the prime minister Giorgia Meloni’s Brothers of Italy party, the capture and culling of wild animals will be allowed in urban and protected areas.

Local and regional police officers, as well as national forest police and licensed private hunters may take part in the campaigns.

The amendment also states that hunted wild animals may be eaten, provided that health authorities deem them safe for human consumption.

Farmers’ lobby Coldiretti welcomed the reform, saying it was badly needed “with Italy being invaded by 2.3m wild boars in cities and the countryside.”

The boars were getting “ever closer” to homes, schools and parks, destroy crops, attack farm animals and cause road accidents, the farming trade association’s president, Ettore Prandini, said.

Is 2.3 million wild boars a lot? Asking for i miei cugini. 

Holy shit man. 

Is the entire world just up for grabs now?

It's gotten so bad that in certain parts of the city, they've imposed curfews because gangs of boars are terrorizing and harming people. It's like the gangs in Chicago, except it's swine.

If you think boars are anything like pigs on a farm from Charlotte's Web, you are sadly, sadly, mistaken. These things are vicious as fuck. And they're relentless. Look at these videos - 

You see how big these things get? Standing next to a Vespa it almost dwarfs it. 

Rome also isn't the only city dealing with the issue.

They're taking over!

Imagine these things in Chicago, or Boston, or New York? 

They would be stampeding people and bum-rushing McDonald's, wreaking havoc everywhere. And we'd probably have people out petitioning for their safety and rights. 

Meanwhile in Italy, the government is telling citizens to shoot to kill.

Make no mistake, these aren't like packs of stray dogs just looking for food. They are vicious, powerful beasts.

This one's not from the city obviously but it shows just how terrifying running into a pack of them could be.

They're also fearless.

Look at this video of them chasing a Big Cat up into a tree. 

Scary shit. 

Luckily for everybody, cinghiale is a delicacy in Italy. If you've ever been to northern Italy, you know they specialize in ragu allá cinghiale, a wild boar meat sauce, and its out of this world. 

p.s. - Sydnie doing her part to prevent a crisis like this happening in America