An Incredible Story Filled With Spite, Hate And Drama With The Illinois Student Section Trying To Sneak Into Iowa's Gym Using A Disguise

So here's the first tweet that set everything off. Orange Krush, the Illinois student section apparently does this yearly. They use some alias to get tickets, get into a road game pretending to be fans of the said home team and then unveil the disguise. Exhibit A is right here 

Incredible move. This is what college athletics is all about. Piss off rivals. Cheer on your team. Learn something one time, Micah Parsons. Anywho, I was ready to call Iowa soft as hell. I was ready to go off on them. That's until Exhibit B was presented to me: 

Okay, seems a little messed up to use a Boys and Girls Club. Howevah … HOWEVAH … this is what Illinois does. This is from Wikipedia:

Historically, the Orange Krush has used elaborate disguises to gain access to away games. In the spring of 2005, 100 members posed as "Youth Action", a fictitious Chicago-area youth-group, to get tickets to a game at Michigan. 

In 2006, the Krush traveled to Minnesota and purchased student-section T-shirts to disguise themselves. After repeated successful trips, many Big 10 ticket offices imposed restrictions on tickets for Illinois games in an attempt to quell the invasions. In the spring of 2007, the Orange Krush posed as a Chicago-area Penn State Alumni organization and were able to get prime tickets right behind the basket, directly adjacent to the Penn State student section. They invaded Michigan in 2008, Purdue in 2009, Iowa in 2010, Minnesota in 2011, Nebraska in 2012, Northwestern in 2013, Penn State in 2014, Iowa in 2015, Minnesota in 2016, and Michigan in 2017 with about 150 members participating every year. During the 2016 trip to Minnesota, a group of about 15 Krush members managed to get seats in the front row of Minnesota's student section and revealed their orange after the first Illinois bucket.

Okay, this makes sense now. I'm back to Iowa soft. And then I saw this tweet, allow me to have Exhibit C: 

Oh. Well yeah, now Iowa just looks incredible soft. I mean, I enjoy the spite and hate. But come on. You can't rescind tickets from away fans. You got got some would say. I love everything about this though because this is college sports at its finest. An incredible fan base trying to sneak into a game. A school trying to figure out how to prevent it only for it all to play out on Twitter. Mind you we're still 3 days away from the game. 

Now sure, everything is ruined with the plan. You can't show up as Iowa fans and get away with it. The cover is blown. But Iowa can't let this get public. You got caught with a loophole, a loophole that the Orange Krush apparently have used for years. I rule that Illinois fans should be allowed to show up. They deserve the tickets. I love the fact they use this disguise. It's unique. It's entertaining. 

Long live rivalries. Long live spite.