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Netflix Officially Begins Their Ban On Shared Passwords And People Are PISSED

2017 Netflix is very much not on board with 2023 Netflix, as today the company began implementing their new rules against password/account sharing. 

Here's a quick summary of those rules from Streamable:

Netflix accounts are still shareable, but only within one household. To ensure that your devices are associated with your primary location, Netflix is now asking users to connect to the Wi-Fi at your primary location, open the Netflix app or website, and watch something at least once every 31 days.

So - and fair warning, I'm an idiot - the way I understood that, you have to get on the various devices you use for Netflix (phone, iPad, TV, gaming console, etc) and log back in once a month, otherwise you could be locked out. I realize this is a First World Problem but that seems like it's gonna be a pain in the ass.

Don't fret though - For those complaining about how annoying it is to remember passwords and get logged out of stuff, they've given an alternative option to confirm your location:

Anyways, say I'm in the military and away from my spouse for several months. Could we still share our account from our separate locations?

No, accounts are only meant to be used within one household. Netflix will prompt users who try to sign into your account elsewhere to sign up for their own account instead and block their access until they do. 

Wow, you heard it here first folks. Netflix hates the trooooops! 

Well what if it's my own account but I travel a lot for work?

Traveling users who want to use Netflix on a hotel smart TV, company laptop, etc. can request a temporary code from the service when signing in. This will give them access to their account for seven consecutive days.

This is a travesty! (I have no idea if that's something you already had to do anyways or what but for the sake of this blog I'm mad about it.) Speaking of mad about it, here's what people are saying on Twitter:

Do I believe that Netflix is done for? No. But I also don't think this was the right move even if password sharing was hurting their revenue. There's got to be a more creative solution in there somehere. In the meantime, let's hope this guy is right and we can bully them into submission so my parents can use my account again and I can feel like a good daughter.