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TULSA, Okla. – The Kansas City Superfan, known on social media sites as “ChiefsAholic,” is seeking to have his bail on bank robbery charges substantially reduced releasing him from an Oklahoma jail, just in time for the Super Bowl.

Xavier Michael Babudar, 28, known for his red-hot love for the Kansas City Chiefs, has been cooling off in the Tulsa County jail since December on $200,000 bail.

Although Babudar has two 2017 Overland Park municipal violations for trespassing, obstructing legal process and failing to have a current car tag, the Chief’s fan is charged in Tulsa County District Court with robbing the Tulsa Teacher Credit Union in Bixby on December 16, just two days before his beloved Chiefs defeated Houston 30-24 in overtime.

FREE CHIEFSAHOLIC! If you didn't know what happened, you should:

Someone give this man a bond so he can pay his bail and get to the big game. The Chiefs are on a Super Bowl run and their biggest fan is behind bars. I guess there is a case to be made that the Chiefs hadn't been able to beat the Benglas in their recent history when Chiefsaholic wasn't behind bars. But it would be nuts if he does get out before the big game and is able to get to the Super Bowl.

If you haven't seen the in-depth reporting I did on the life and crimes of Kansas city superfans, then check it out here:

I just hope Chiefsaholic doesn't come after me if he comes out for stealing his persona while he was in jail. I don’t know if he was a violent crime guy or a slip-the-paper to the bank manager guy. I hope he doesn't come for, Cheifsaholic. If you are reading this, I'd love to have you on Pardon My Take to promote whatever you need to to make money; please don’t hurt me.