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Patrick Mahomes ONLY Needs To Make 7 More Super Bowls And Win 6 To Catch Tom Brady, But I Think He Can Do It

Tom Brady announced his retirement yesterday for the second time. And this time it actually feels real. He leaves behind a legacy that will be all but impossible to top as the greatest QB in NFL history.

All Brady did was win SEVEN Super Bowls and TEN Conference Championships in 23 seasons.

There is only one QB in the world who could be up to the challenge and he is playing in his 3rd Super Bowl next Sunday.... The man with the best voice in the game, Patrick Mahomes.

Let's compare Brady and Mahomes first 5 seasons as starters:


- Three Championships 

- 2001 Beat the Rams in Super Bowl

- 2003 Beat the Panthers in Super Bowl

- 2004 Beat the Eagles in Super Bowl


- One Championship (so far)

- 2019 Beat 49ers in Super Bowl

- 2020 Lost to Bucs in Super Bowl

- 2022 Playing Eagles in Super Bowl?

Both sat out their rookie years before taking over. Brady started playing midseason when Drew Bledsoe got injured in 2001 and Mahomes sat behind Alex Smith in 2017 before taking over as starter in 2018.

Mahomes is only 27 years old and the world is his oyster. He has the right coach in Andy Reid and is a part of a great organization in KC, much like Brady with Bill Belichick in New England. If Mahomes is going to even sniff Brady, he NEEDS his 2nd Super Bowl title next Sunday, along with A LOT of injury luck.

The biggest question on Mahomes catching Brady is what kind of longevity will Mahomes career have? Brady literally played for 23 FREAKING YEARS!

Let's hypothetically assume Mahomes plays until he is 40, which is certainly possible as he clearly LOVES football. That would give him 13 more seasons.If the Chiefs win the Super Bowl next weekend, Mahomes would need 5 more titles and 7 more conference championships in 13 seasons. Is that possible? Probably not but nothing is impossible for Patrick Mahomes. 

I would give Mahomes about a 10% chance of running down Brady as the GOAT at this point. There are just too many factors that have to break right to win 7 Super Bowls.

But I damn sure will NEVER be the guy betting against him. Like Marty said, he is already a 1st ballot Hall of Famer in his first 5 seasons if he retires today.

Mahomes future is so bright that it is blinding and we are all very lucky as football fans to watch him chase the legacy of Tom Brady.