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In Defense Of Micah Parsons, He's Not Wrong. Everybody Should Be Rooting For The Eagles In The Super Bowl

Tom Pennington. Getty Images.

If you somehow managed to miss it, there was a bit of an internet dust up over the past 36 hours between Micah Parsons and Barstool Sports [dot] com. It all stemmed from when Micah Parsons decided to put his rivalries aside and wish Lane Johnson and the Philadelphia Eagles good luck in the upcoming Super Bowl LVII. 

This was much to the ire of our resident "human rain delay" Reags. He was disgusted at the idea of an athlete rooting for the success of another player on a team in the same division. This, despite the fact, that Reags' entire existence revolves around Kentucky and that fans of the SEC constantly display the same behavior. 

"Rules for thee, not for me".

But anyway, Reags wrote a blog calling that tweet the lowest moment in Dallas Cowboys history. Which was, in turn, much to the ire of Micah Parsons himself. 

Now listen. I get it from Reags' perspective. He's angry and he's frustrated and he's lashing out. The Giants just got their asses whooped by the Eagles in the Divisional Round. As a Giants fan, Reags doesn't want to see anybody root for the Eagles. Let alone a Cowboys player. Also as previously mentioned before, his life revolves around Kentucky basketball. Kentucky sucks this year. They're not even in the top 25. Meanwhile you have Alabama, a football school, in the top 5. It's been a tough stretch for the man. 

But at the end of the day, Micah Parsons is right. Everybody should be rooting for the Philadelphia Eagles in the Super Bowl. Not just because it would be huge for the NFC East. But because it would be huge for everybody. The world is just a better place when the city of Philadelphia is thriving. It brings out a certain energy in the planet that just can't be replicated any other way. One championship in Philadelphia releases enough dopamine to sustain the world for another 5 years. We need it now more than ever. 

Micah Parsons knows ball. Go Birds.