Post Cereal Is Bullying The Band 'OK Go' In Their Quest To Market A Weird New Water Cereal

File that among the stranger headlines I've written, which says a lot. Let's jump into it with the band OK Go making this announcement on Twitter yesterday:

So the band OK Go, who've been together under that name since 1998, nicely asks Post to change the name of their new Ok Go! water cereal, and Post responds by suing the pants off 'em in federal court. It takes a big 'ol set of corporate Grape Nuts to pull a move like that, but I hope Ok Go burns them to a nice, Golden Crisp. ha ha (I have no idea how trademark law works but I feel like the Goliath usually wins these?)

The real crime in all of this is Post asking me to dump h2o on my Cocoa Pebbles. 

More like "ok, NO," folks. 

That's the most terrifying development in breakfast since their 1957 Sugar Krinkles box.

In closing, if you're so inclined, give their infamous Here It Goes Again video a click to send a few pennies their way in solidarity (I have no idea if that's how it works but I need to end the blog.) It was super low budget, took them 17 takes to nail it and now has over 60M views on YouTube:


And for old time's sake here's the one that started the whole Rube Goldberg machine trend across the inter webs (now at 71M views):