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My Viral 2020 NFL Draft Jalen Hurts Video Is Making The Rounds Again, I Was Wrong, And I'm Happy That's The Case

Now that the Eagles are in another Super Bowl... my old video of being furious of the Eagles drafting Jalen Hurts at the 2020 draft is making the rounds again. I wasn't happy with the pick and just didn't understand it. 

The truth is though 99 percent of Eagles fan felt the same way as me that night. We have to remember that on that night in 2020, the Eagles took Jalen Hurts with a second round pick just months after giving Carson Wentz a new contract. It didn't make much sense. 

Carson Wentz ended up not being what we had hoped for and it all fell into place for Jalen Hurts. As I said I am happy to be retweeted earlier by Freezing Cold Takes on this one. I am very happy I was wrong. That said as well, damn I was a gigantic fat fuck and am not as much anymore 

Giphy Images.
Giphy Images.