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Performing On A Plane That's Stranded For 10 Hours Should Be An Automatic Year In Prison

Prison, no-fly list, all of it. No trial. Is Gitmo still open? There is no punishment too harsh for this behavior.

I truly can't fathom a worse situation than sitting on an airplane that isn't going anywhere for 10 hours and then having this group of criminals break into John Denver. Have a sense of the moment, ladies. People are annoyed. They are hungry. They are tired. Nobody on that plane wants to hear how well you can play the fiddle in "Country Roads."

I would honestly snap. I could feel the anger welling up inside me just from watching the video. If I had been sitting with my knees pressed into some stranger's back for TEN HOURS and this happened, I would lose all self-control. The fact nobody started screaming is unbelievable.

This video has unlocked a new nightmare for me. I will thank God every time I land at my destination having incurred no 10-hour delays and heard no strangers singing.