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Im Back

I am going to keep this simple and if you are looking for drama you won't find it here in this blog. Blogging really helped me get another contract and I am going to continue to do it because somehow a man with 5th grade writing level is pretty good with getting clicks. This past year has been crazy for me and I don't need to deep dive into everything. But even if you were giving me hate, I think it was weird but it definitely made me keep going. I didn't want to hide and just sulk saying everyone hates me. So I just am going to keep trying to adapt and find ways to make people laugh. 

I have been here over 5 years and I love this place more than anything, so it was an easy decision to keep working here. I want to thank Dave and Erika for still believing in me. But I really do feel like I can help enhance the McDonalds menu. They have gotten complacent and I would be an asset but I want to make it my goal in life to get back the Chicken Selects. 

You can have your opinions on me and what I do for my personal life, but I have never been happier. Im not apologizing for loving someone but maybe we can get off to a fresh start or you can keep hating me whatever works for the boys. I am just happy to keep putting out content and one day ill be a sharp gambler. I feel it in my plums. 

I am going to go back to talking more about my stupid thoughts and get back to what I was always doing. I appreciate all the support and I am is still a shock about the fact that anyone even knows who I am, which I will never take for granted. Love you guys and all my boys hate marty mush.