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Apparently Hawaii Did Not Become A State in 1887

The new look Team FLUX made our The Dozen debut against Team XYZ last night. Watch the match here.

Late in the match, I managed to pull off one of the low lights in the history of the show. 

In hindsight, I probably should have guessed Hawaii became a state after airplanes were invented. How the hell were people supposed to get to that remote Pacific island in 1887?!?!? Not my finest moment but if I am going to be wrong I might as well do it in spectacular fashion.

At least I got to make Brandon Walker look bad for not knowing a college football question to make myself feel better.

I am also still angry at myself about missing my New Orleans Saints niche category question about WR Kenny Stills. Completely unacceptable performance from a past champion.

Honestly, it would not have mattered anyway. Team XYZ was NBA Jam level He's on FIRE thanks to Large. When he's hot… he's hot. 

Joey Camasta, Chris Castellani & I still had a decent debut showing cracking double digits. But now we are facing serious heat on the bubble of The Dozen playoff tournament. Our next match is 100% must win to make the postseason. 

You can play The Dozen Trivia at home by buying the card game here.