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Should This TikTok Influencer Really Be Crucified for Using False Lashes in a Mascara Ad?

A wise man once said: Touch grass. 

Mikayla Nogueira has a massive (14.4M followers) following on TikTok, so it didn't take long for people to figure out she was wearing fake eyelashes at the end of a video reviewing getting paid to promote a mascara.

I get it, people. You feel lied to. The reason influencers are a thing is because you're expecting real reviews of products from a real person you admire. You don't expect them to falsify results the way shampoo commercials use wigs and extensions. I get that. What I don't understand is the online attacking of her for over a week now. 

Deep breaths! It's just mascara. I don't think she needs to be cancelled for one mistake. I do agree she needs to address and own up to this at some point, though. The comment section on her 3 newest videos ignoring the controversy should be enough to tell her that.

For the full breakdown listen to today's Chicks in the Office: