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Tom Brady Wasn't The Best Regular Season Quarterback Or Super Bowl Quarterback. He Just Played The Longest And Won The Most Games - Mike Francesa, Who Was Spitting Fire Today On First Take With The Mad Dog By His Side

That folks right there is why Mike Francesa was, is, and forever will be Numbah One. The word GOAT has been said at least a billion times today. However that term should not be uttered about the guy who has won more Super Bowls than any NFL franchise. It should be in reverence of the man dropping knowledge bombs while looking like a comic book villain created by Stan Lee (who Mike famously nevuh cay-uhed about).

The hot take industry has become so watered down that I've become numb to whatever batch of nonsense passes through my Twitter feed from a show I don't watch or sometimes even know is on TV. However, Mike Francesa going on Stephen A. Smith's show and quietly dismantling this take was like a Jedi master showing his Padawan the real power of The Force.

Mind you, nobody knew Brady was retiring when we woke up this morning. I don't think even Brady knew. Yet Michael Patrick Francesa still want on the road with his old partner by his side, loaded this take into his holster, and fired off as flawless a talking point as you will ever see based on news being roughly 90 minutes old (even though I'm pretty sure Mike has believed this forever).

They don't make'em like they used to, and I mean that in multiple ways since we had Mike bringing up Johnny Unitas as a potential greatest QB ever and waxing poetic about Roger Staubach while Mad Dog started talking about tennis players.

God dammit do I miss those two beautiful bastards talking sports and going at it as hard as they can along with the occasional Oscars segment on my radio for 6.5 hours a day. In fact if it were 20 years ago, we'd have The Marquis asking Super Bowl trivia on the radio as I convinced myself for the 5th year in a row that I could win the free Super Bowl tickets if I just studied hard for one month and got lucky with the audio question.

Well now that we started strolling down memory lane, I suppose we should make it a full walk around the block.

Don't watch this video unless you have tissues nearby…