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HUGE NEWS: The Arena Football League Is BACK In 2024!

After a LONG 4 years we got some great news on Wednesday regarding the Arena Football League, it is coming back in 2024! Huge news, great news, just all around awesome stuff. The AFL is easily some of the best and most electric football I've ever seen and if you ever watched a game or highlight, you think the same thing. 

The AFL is back under all new ownership with a new commissioner. The new ownership announced that there will be 16 teams in 2024, a huge upgrade from the 6 teams in 2019. If you haven't seen or been to an AFL game I HIGHLY recommend you get out there and watch the fastest game on turf. As you can see in the highlight above, it's amazing. This is huge in another way too because they become the first American sports league with an African American commissioner. 

But RDT, why do you love the AFL so much? Banks and I actually worked for the Baltimore Brigade for several seasons and I eventually ended up as a sideline reporter for the Philadelphia Soul and Atlantic City Black Jacks. It was some of the best times I've had on a football field. 

I was quite literally on the field of play interviewing players, coaches, literally anyone. So close to the action I almost got run over quite a few times, including the clip above there a 6'7 DE picked off a pass and came right towards me. You can't teach that vertical leap!

You've heard the famous names from the AFL, Kurt Warner, Matt Nagy, Sed Bonner, Jay Gruden and more. I'm jacked up to watch the whole new crop of guys come in there and sling that pigskin. If you love high paced action and quick games, Arena League is for you.  Get these guys back back within the padded walls and watch them go. Nets with the hanging uprights and everything, man do I love this game and I can't express how pumped I am that it is back. 

Now we wait to see which 16 teams, I'd love to see them spread out all over the country and allow these guys to travel. Need a team back in Baltimore in the worst way, need it. Welcome back, AFL, you've been missed.