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Trial Playing Out For Mexico's Former "TOP COP" For Taking Millions In Bribes To Protect Chapo And Other Drug Cartels And The Details Are Fascinating

This is a huge trial going on currently in federal court in New York City. Essentially this is the former "Top Cop" of Mexico. He worked under the PRESIDENT of the country for six years and supposedly had a "hardline approach" to cartels. He was also extremely close to the United State government as a top advisor to the president of Mexico regarding security.

In essence though, it was all horse shit, as he was taking millions of dollars stuffed in suitcases as bribes. It's thought that Gennaro Garcia Luna worked with drug cartels for over 20 years and collected tens of millions of dollars in the process. For his info, it prevented capture, protected large stashes of narcotics, allowed metric tons of drugs to flow in America and beyond and allowed violent people responsible for killing thousands of people to continue to walk. 

This all started several years ago when it was uncovered in the 2018 trial of Chapo Guzman. One of the witnesses in the case, Jesus Zambada García, a Sinaloa Cartel heavyweight voiced that he on multiple occasions personally delivered bags of cash to Gennaro Garcia Luna. In December of 2019, the FEDS in America arrested GGL in Dallas and now the trial has finally begun. This has a connection to recent blog I wrote about a cartel boss from another group that recently disappeared from the federal prison database 

As I predicted it's thought that "La Barbie" will be one of top witnesses to testify against Garcia Luna, hence the reason for disappearing. Other former drug bosses and members of cartels have also taken the stand against the corrupt lawmen. The Milenio Cartel as well was involved allegedly with funneling bribes to this scumbag. Keep in mind, that cartel has dissolved into what we now know as CJNG, one of the most powerful cartels today in Mexico other than Cartel De Sinaloa. Back during the time that all this was going on, the Milenio Cartel was an ally of Sinaloa. 

Another person to testify was Sergio Villareal Baragan aka El Grande, a high ranking leader of the Beltran Leyva Cartel, he outlined some of the things, GGL was giving them for the bribe money. Beltran Levya was a group of brothers who actually are said to be related to El Chapo and they in the early years of organized cartels created a powerful group, they then splintered off after Beltran Leyva believed Chapo was giving information on several of them. In response, Beltran Levya began a war with Chapo ultimately even killing one of his sons. We would though learn some very interesting info not only about Garcia Luna dealings but about cartels in general. Keegan Hamilton at VICE by the way is doing some excellent stuff on this and is one of the only people in American media covering the trial. 

We also learned just how powerful certain groups are and at one point Garcia Luna was kidnapped just to prove a point that he wasn't untouchable if he stopped doing what he was told 

He also got into some fascinating stuff about his reputation and kind of weaponry and where cartels get it. NOTE where the weapons were marked, pretty sickening when you think about it. 

Now the truth is the witnesses taking the stand are rats and I've always said you have to take what these people say with a grain of salt. Remember they are drug dealers, killers, and violent people who dismember and decapitate people and are looking to get out of federal prison. They will be painted as that and their histories will be taken into account. It's Garcia Luna's word against there's. 

The problem that the former top cop has also is explaining his opulent wealth. The money he was making as a civil servant is hard to justify with his mansions and other toys that he's bought over the years. As the FEDS have done with others… follow the money. He recently was hit as with with civil forfeiture paperwork from Mexican officials that he stole money from the government as well 

The lawsuit lists 30 contracts awarded by public institutions to companies owned by García Luna or his front men between 2009 and 2018. The money diverted from the Mexican treasury was then transferred to accounts in Barbados, Israel and the US and later invested in companies and assets in Florida. “Under the direction of García Luna, funds illegally taken from the Government of Mexico were used to build a money laundering empire that includes at least 30 companies, at least 30 real estate assets, multiple cars and yachts, numerous banking investments and assets located in Florida,” the lawsuit states. 

I know that people reading this aren't surprised. In the end, whether its Mexico or here in America, corruption exists. But it's the person here involved that makes it so interesting. This was a person who was on the same scale as attorney general in America taking bribes and preventing cartels from widespread raids and seizures allowing them to continue business as usual. 

The Drug War was lost a long time ago. There is very little end in sight. It has exponentially gotten worse and the war against it has led to this sad state of affairs we are in. The first step though is bringing some of these lowlifes in government at the top supporting and allowing these people to funnels tons and tons of drugs into this country and rule with an iron fist to protect it. We will see if the witnesses are believed and I will keep track of the latest on Garcia Luna.  

Gennaro Garcia Luna is not the only corrupt scumbag in a high point in government in Mexico and he isn't the last. One at a time I guess.