The Dallas Zoo's Emperor Tamarin Monkeys That Were Stolen Have Been Found, And I Believe They Had To Be In On It

The two emperor tamarin monkeys that were taken from the Dallas Zoo this week were found Tuesday inside a closet at an empty home in Lancaster, about 15 miles south of the zoo, the authorities said.

The monkeys — small animals with distinctive moustache-like whiskers that are native to parts of the Amazon — were first reported missing on Monday, after their enclosure appeared to have been “intentionally compromised,” the zoo said in a statement.

Their disappearance was the latest in a string of bizarre incidents involving breached enclosures or habitats that were linked to the escape and death of other animals at the Dallas Zoo this month.

The Dallas Police Department said that, together with other local authorities, it had located the animals just before 5 p.m., after receiving a tip that they might be at an abandoned home. When the authorities arrived, “the home was empty,” police said, noting that no arrests had been made and the investigation was ongoing.

If you didn't know, two monkeys were stolen from the Dallas Zoo after a string of similar break-ins in various habitats, including a clouded leopard, a vulture, and another monkey habitat. More information in this blog. 

So here me out because I don't think these monkeys were stolen. I think they tried to get their own release. 

I believe the two Emperor Tamarinds escaped themselves and try to frame exotic wildlife smugglers to throw off the trail. 

Let me ask you something, Do these monkeys look innocent?

They literally have the classic con man mustache.

FPG. Getty Images.

This guy literally used to steal money doing card tricks, and now we have these Monkeys put together an escape plan that rivals Shawshank redemption. 

They were found in an abandoned house closet south of the Zoo. They definitely escaped the Zoo, realized it wasn't all fun and games being free out in the cold, and called in their own tip to get back. 

There are much easier ways to make $35k than breaking into a Zoo and stealing a large cat and monkeys to sell. If you are going to steal things, carburetors are much easier and won't have the national media after you.  You're telling me these monkeys look innocent?