He's Not Retiring And That's A Fact

Streeter Lecka. Getty Images.

There has been plenty of speculation thrown out there that his career would be coming to an end after this season. The Michigan Man is getting up there in age, and he has nothing left to prove in his career. He's been wildly successful and has one of the most memorable Super Bowl defining moments in recent history. 

But Brandon Graham has definitively declared himself that he will not be retiring after this season, despite what many had previously assumed. 

Now granted, the man is getting ready to play in another Super Bowl in a couple Sundays. Obviously he's going to be filled with a ton of adrenaline getting ready for that game which will make him feel like he can go for another 5 years. If the Eagles come out on top against Kansas City on the 12th, there's a good chance Brandon Graham says he can go for another 10 years at the parade. We'll see how he feels once he finally comes down from the high of preparing for and playing in another Super Bowl. But the fact of the matter is that Brandon Graham ain't going nowhere anytime soon. And we should all feel thankful for that. 

P.S. -- Who is cutting onions in here?

Go Birds.