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Things Seem To Be Going Well At Colorado Since The Locker Room Is So Nice Lil Wayne Couldn't Believe He Was In It

Deion Sanders was likely the biggest splash for new coaches this off-season. He immediately made waves when he said his son was coming with him, as well as made it clear he was changing the culture at Colorado, a perennial loser,  by insisting his players attend class, not wear hats, and most notably warning players that they should be looking at the transfer portal if they don't think they can hack it. 

It's very clear Colorado will start to be a player in college football pretty quickly. In the latest example of Deion impacting the culture, he brought along Lil Wayne for a tour of the facilities and locker room, and midway through the walk Lil Wayne couldn't believe how nice the place was that he said "Wait is this the fucking locker room ?" Likely thought it was a conference room or the lobby to a hotel or some shit. That's a good problem to have. And one I wish I was lucky enough to experience. We had 3 different small locker rooms when I played D3 in college, the nicest of the 3 I got into as a sophomore and stayed until a senior. It was the nicest of the 3 because it had the least mold on the floor and a bench without splinters. I wish Deion was around bringing A listers around back then. 

Buckle up PAC 12. Deion's impact is already making waves ... 

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