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It's Time We Have An Honest Talk About Tom Thibodeau After He Cost The Knicks A Game And Has RJ Barrett Storming Out Of MSG

Last night sucked. No other way to put it. You have a chance to beat the Lakers (who stink) at home and keep in line for a top-6 seed in the East. Instead we have the same old Thibs bullshit that we've been dealing with. First off, the final play. Thibs, man, you blew the game. I know people will blame Julius Randle - but Thibs is the one who designs the play to go to him: 

Could Randle have made a pass to Brunson with 2 seconds left? Sure. But the point is, why do you inbound the ball to Randle? You have a playmaking guard .. finally. You have Jalen Brunson who was awesome down the stretch of regulation. Just give him the ball. Thibs can say 'read the defense' but there's 4 seconds. Just give it to the best offensive player you have to start. There's also no action. Brunson inbounds the ball (dumb) and then just sort of spots up. Horrendous from Thibs and yes, bad from Randle. 

Then there's the RJ situation. Thibs has never been the best or smartest in terms of rotations and trying to figure out what to do. Grimes/IQ were both awesome last night. But you can't have RJ on the bench for that long. That's especially true in overtime when the Knicks did nothing. I don't blame RJ for being pissed. 

So now what the hell are we supposed to think about Thibs? My line of thinking is easy. He's a decent coach who gets a lot out of the team but there's a ceiling. We're starting to see the ceiling with him. I don't know who the answer is in terms of next coach or anything like that but we need someone to get the ball to Brunson with the game on the line. That's pretty simple for step 1.