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'It's Unfortunate They Had To Play Us Next' - Nate Oats Had Only One Correct And Cocky Response After Beating Vandy By 57

This is how you should respond if you're a coach and you have to explain what it's like beating a conference team by 57. Absurd. Sure, we all expected a blowout after Alabama got their dicks kicked in by Oklahoma over the weekend. But 57? Ridiculous. 

The 'respect for Vandy' part was so condescending that you have to laugh. I don't care. I find that shit funny. I hate typical coach speak interviews because they are boring as hell. I wish Oats flat out said they wanted to win by 100. Just like yeah we knew we could get right against Vandy so fuck em, that's what we did. 

In all seriousness, I think you can still make a case for Alabama as the best team in the country. I know Purdue is awesome. I know they only have one loss. But in terms of best vs best, I think Alabama has a legit case for that. Brandon Miller is mostly that good. He's going to be a lottery pick. 

Back to this game though. Man, Stack, this is honest and brutal all at once

Decent night all around for Alabama.