LeBron James Does Not Have An All-Time Top 10 Plays List. Here Are Six Others That Are Better.

Jesse D. Garrabrant. Getty Images.

I got into a debate yesterday on The Yak with LeBron James superfan, Brandon Walker about how LeBron isn't one of my favorite players to watch play basketball. I came to the conclusion it's more about he's so athletically gifted it makes his highlights seem more like he should be doing those things. When I was in the cubes, I'd often watch NBA Top 10 Plays lists and LeBron was never anywhere close to my favorite. Brandon was not pleased with that, so I've decided to rank my best NBA Top 10 Plays lists. We'll start with: 

LeBron James - My Top 10 Plays score: 8.3

Now that's certainly impressive. The block at #1 is well deserved and won Cleveland a ring. It is an all-time great play. The more recent dunk over Nurkic is great and the block on Oladipo and game winner there is awesome too. Great plays, but here are better top 10 lists. 

Derrick Rose. My Top 10 Plays score: 8.5

His career isn't over yet, but from a highlight perspective, it ended awhile ago. Once he left Chicago, it was kind of all downhill. But on a peaks basis, his highs are unreal. Especially for a Point Guard. He's a guy who also had a ton of natural athleticism but the way he moved was just different. It was FIERCE. This Top 10 is filled with acrobatic layups that only he could do and explosive dunks.

Dwayne Wade. My Top 10 Plays score: 8.8

#9 & #10 aren't worthy in my opinion, but the dunk over Kendrick Perkins, the dunk over Andersen Varejao, the steal + long 3 in one sequence, this is an elite top 10.

Tracy McGrady - My Top 10 Plays score: 8.9

This one has everything - passes (some even to himself), insane dunks, and one furious comeback. T-Mac's heights on a per play basis has very few peers.

Michael Jordan - My Top 10 Plays score: 9.2

The greatest of all-time is almost without question outside of these weirdo LeBron stans like Brando. But His Airness was a different breed back in his day and this Top 10 list has defense, acrobatic layups, clutch shots, incredible jams, and iconic moments. Outstanding.

Kobe Bryant - My Top 10 Plays score: 9.4

This is a heater start to finish. The dunk over Dwight Howard, the 3s over Rueben Patterson that clinched the Pacific Division, the behind the back move and dunk on Vincent Yarborough, the not one, but TWO buzzer beaters in the same game vs. the Suns in the playoffs. Unforgettable. 

Vince Carter - Top 10 Plays score: 9.8

This man was made for highlights and social media. I know Dominique Wilkins has this nickname, but he's really the human highlight reel. I mean #10 was him posterizing Tim Duncan?! I'd also argue that this #1 is the greatest basketball highlight ever. Sure, LeBron's block had more significance, but out of context in the list, it levels the playing field a bit and Vince's dunk over Fredrick Weis is unbelievable.

So that's my list on who is more fun to watch than LeBron James and who has a better Top 10 Plays list. I should also include some honorable mentions that either came close or haven't concluded yet but would be in my Top 10 Top 10 Plays list: Steph Curry (not finished yet), Ja Morant (not finished yet), Hakeem Olajuwon (came close).

1) Vince Carter

2) Kobe Bryant

3) Michael Jordan

4) Tracy McGrady

5) Dwayne Wade

6) Derrick Rose

Agree or disagree? Or did I miss someone you also thought needs to be above? Drop a note in the comments and let's talk about it.

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