It Doesn't Get Any Better Than A Couple Of Goalies Throwing Hands At Center Ice

You sons of bitches. 

I'll tell you what. Both of these goalies deserve to get peppered with head shots during warmups. Both of these goalies deserve clappers from the hashmarks. You get out of your nets to meet each other at center ice in front of a raucous crowd of at least...14 people, and you don't drop the gloves to fight? Straight to jail. 

And to make matters even worse, neither one of these tendies threw 'rock' in their little game of rock, paper, scissors. Everybody knows that it's a gentleman's agreement to both throw rock first. Give yourself and your combatant a chance to warm up a little bit. Get used to the cadence. Feel each other out a little bit. If you're not throwing rock out there first, you are a gutless coward. You lack honor, you lack character, and you lack integrity. 

Somehow I blame Trevor Zegras for this. The circus-ification of hockey. Makes me sick.