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Jamaal Williams Is Going To Start Pouting Like A Baby During Touchdown Celebrations Because He's Sick Of 'Weenies' Fining Him For Dancing

[Source] - “Honestly, I feel like I’m not doing nothing wrong. They just being weenies,” Williams said.

One of Williams’ points is that this is a celebration he’s been doing his entire career, dating all the way back to his rookie season in 2017. Not only does Equanimeous back that up, but there’s also plenty of video evidence out there of him doing the same celebration in a Packers uniform. This was the first time he’s ever been punished for it.

“I just feel like they’re trying to take my personality away, my joy,” Williams said. “Because now, I literally have to stop doing it. So now, when I score, I’ma literally just gonna sit down and pout, like a little baby or something.”

I gotta say something right away. I'm so glad NFL players are bringing back iconic insults. Jabroni, weenie. Those just play. Always have, always will. I don't care if The Rock made jabroni the classic one. These are insults that just bring us back to the recess yard in the 90s. The good old days. Days where you could play dodgeball and just launch that bad boy at people's domes. The good old days where weenie and jabroni cut deep. 

Now as for Jamaal Williams here? I love it. I want to see him throw a temper tantrum because the NFL is truly the no fun league. A defensive team gets a turnover and they all sprint 40 yards to the end zone to pose and do their celebration. But a couple hip thrusts and we're getting fined? Goodell being a dictator at its finest. Don't want Jamaal to hump the end zone air, don't let him in. Pretty simple. 

Does anyone give a shit about celebration? Because you truly are a weenie if so. We're talking about sports, a game, a competition. Let people have some fun without being fined or giving out technical fouls or unsportsmanlike flags. You score, you dance. 

Pouting like a baby? That might instantly be my favorite touchdown celebration though. Anyone with a kid knows exactly how this goes. We've all lived through this and while it SUCKS when it's your kid, watching a grown man pout in the end zone would be hilarious. Anything to prove that Goodell is a dictator. 

Let the man dance. Let the man hump air.