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Skip Bayless Is A Moron For Torching The Cowboys After They Fired Kellen Moore

Of all people, Skip Bayless should know better. He led a public outcry against the Dallas Cowboys for firing offensive coordinator Kellen Moore after the Cowboys 19-12 loss to the 49ers in the Playoffs.

So why exactly is everyone defending Kellen Moore? 

Clearly the offensive performance against the 49ers was unacceptable. But the issues go much deeper than that.

Moore's #1 job was to develop Dak Prescott into an elite NFL QB and all he has done is regress with maddeningly inconsistent play. No one had a clue which Dak was showing up on any given Sunday. He even led the NFL in interceptions this season.

Dallas has a talented offensive line, two good RBs in Zeke & Pollard, an emerging star at WR in CeeDee Lamb and an excellent TE in Dalton Schultz. There is no reason the offense should not be more reliable.

The biggest mistake Kellen Moore consistently made was not catering the offense to Dak's skill set. Prescott is not a drop back NFL passer. This is not exactly rocket science to see that. And his play calling was often quite vanilla.

All Moore needed to do for Dak to succeed is use him on more bootlegs and roll outs with play action. After all, the Cowboys have a stout running game. Dak thrived under Dan Mullen doing this stuff at Mississippi State and is comfortable outside the pocket.

You can't fit a square peg into a round hole and that is ultimately why Kellen Moore failed.

Mike McCarthy never wanted Kellen Moore in the first place. Moore was Jerry Jones hand picked OC and was held over from the former staff.

I do not blame McCarthy one bit for taking over play calling duties in 2023. The Cowboys are in win now mode. Despite going 12-5 and winning a playoff game, there is still heat on McCarthy. 

If he is going to go down, he wants to do it calling the plays himself. And he cannot be blamed for that, especially with his track record with Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay.

Kellen Moore has already accepted the LA Chargers OC job to replace Joe Lombardi. Time will tell if he does a better job coaching Justin Herbert than Dak Prescott. 

The media loves to pile on the Dallas Cowboys and Jerry Jones. But for once Jerry got it right.