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Unlike Micah Parsons, Eli Manning Is A Winner Who Knows You Can't Cheer For The Eagles Because Rivalries Matter

Icon Sportswire. Getty Images.

[Source] - "It's tough. It's tough in the sense that I usually kind of root for the NFC in most Super Bowls that we're not in. It's tough to root for the Eagles," he said. "There is so much kind of hatred over the years. Not hatred, just the rivalry competing against them.

"I think [Eagles fans] get it. I like Jalen Hurts. I kind of root for Jalen Hurts. A.J. Brown is an Ole Miss guy. They got a good squad, and you appreciate them and what they're doing. Kind of pulling for them and the whole thing would be tough to do."

See, this is why Eli won Super Bowls (plural) and the Cowboys just won their first road playoff game in like 30 years. This is how you handle playoff football. You don't cheer for a division rival because you like them. 

You don't publicly say you want a heated rival to win a Super Bowl. It's mind bottling how much pushback Cowboys fans had defending Micah Parsons! Then again, they are used to losing. They might as well just start chanting the conference name at games. Eli was even a little too nice for my liking. I know Eli is an upstanding citizen, world class athlete and all around legend, but tell the Eagles to fuck off. 

Oh and anyone who says 'it's sportsmanship' or any variation of that. You are a loser. Certified loser. You don't cheer for a rival to win. I know we like to do the SEC chant, I never really got it. I don't want Florida or Tennessee (LOL) to win a national title. I only want Georgia or Alabama to win one if they are playing Ohio State because fuck Ohio State. But this also isn't college. Imagine chanting NFC East. It makes my skin crawl just thinking about it. And I don't even want to hear 'oh Micah is from Harrisburg.' Congrats. You play for the Cowboys. 

Once again I'm just reminded how lucky I am and the rest of Giants fans are to have Eli Manning in our lives. A voice of reason. A man who brought us happiness. A man who knows how to win in the playoffs. Cowboys should be jealous. Enjoy your guy Tony Romo calling games.