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You Make The Call: This Italian Model Wants The Internet To Debate What This Bathing Suit Reminds You Of

Thanks to google translate, we know this caption is simple. What does this bathing suit remind you of? Nothing beats a good old classic debate on the Internet where there is no right answer but everyone will have one. So let's debate shall we? That's what the Internet is for. 

At first I saw the Brazilian flag. Then I realized I'm dumb. An Italian model wouldn't wear a Brazilian flag. Use your brain, idiot. It's not like they won the World Cup either. She can't claim to be a Neymar fan. Then I thought maybe LSU. Nope, wrong again. But I chalk that up to being colorblind. Thought I just saw yellow and purple. Then I realized I was mashing some colors together there. 

But ultimately it reminded me of being an old. I don't remember these bathing suits outside of Borat wearing it. Again, an old reference. It also made me wonder what happened to a good old fashioned bikini. Back in my day, that was the thing. Models wore bikinis. I don't even know what to call this swimsuit. Don't get me wrong, it looks good. But I just don't see how it works outside of being really attractive. 

So you make the call. What does it remind you of?