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Conor McGregor Is Now Reportedly Confirmed To Coach The Ultimate Fighter Next Season

THE MAC IS BACK! Well - at least it seems like it!

SevereMMA out of Ireland is now reporting that Conor McGregor is confirmed to coach The Ultimate Fighter next season, and considering their very reputable history (especially with Conor), I'm inclined to believe this one-hundred-percent! 

Plus, it's not like this just came out of the blue, as Conor expressed interest in the offer on Instagram just a few days ago....

Since then, the speculation online has been all about who he'd be coaching AGAINST - because unlike his last stint on The Ultimate Fighter, I think we all assume we're getting a fight at the conclusion of this season. 

Could it be against Jorge Masvidal? Rafael dos Anjos? Maybe even Michael Chandler at 170lbs?

(I think it HAS to be at 170lbs considering the size of McGregor recently) 

How about Tony Ferguson?

Honestly, a season of coaching against Tony Ferguson (concluding with a fight) makes a whole lotta sense to me. 

Despite the fact that they've never fought, Conor and Tony have felt like "rivals" for years thanks to the shit talk between 'em (especially after Ferguson left McGregor's sports management agency and accused them of preventing a fight between the two) and you just know Tony would put his fighters through the weirdest training possible. It'd be great television. 

I mean - this is a guy who allegedly trains by kicking steel pipes full force, running into the mountains, throwing baseballs at walls, and watching the Rocky movies over and over again. Who doesn't want to see Ferguson do that with a bunch of eager prospects looking to earn a UFC contract?!

As far as how the fight would go - I hate to say it, but it feels like a tune up for Conor at this point. I would've never said that in Tony Ferguson's prime, but with how his chin has looked recently, it almost feels like he's just going to be the 2023 version of Cowboy Cerrone against McGregor. I could see this fight being over in less than a minute just like that one. 

We'll see tho - Logan Paul still has that announcement today….maybe he's the one coaching against Conor.

(JK, I think Logan Paul's PRIME is just taking over as the UFC's sports drink sponsor)