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Michael Strahan Came Out Of Nowhere To Put Joe Staley In His Place After He Took Shots At Kayvon Thibodeaux On Twitter

New York Daily News Archive. Getty Images.

So Steven Cheah wrote about this little internet kerfuffle that took place on Twitter between Joe Staley and Kayvon Thibodeaux, which can be seen here:

All in all, it was a pretty lowkey sparring session on The Bird. Kayvon was just getting his thoughts off from home at nobody in particular like a bunch of us did during that preposterous game, Joe Staley got so riled up about what a 22-year-old said about his former team he had to quote tweet it, and off we went. Some people may be tripped up that Kayvon didn't know who Joe Staley was. But as we learned after #SnowAngelGate, that may be because Kayvon has no clue who any offensive linemen from the 2000s were considering he didn't know who Jeff Saturday was despite being a four-time All Pro as well as the head coach he was playing when everything went down.

Anyway, the dust settled from that online brouhaha and we all went back to our day embracing debate about important things like if the refs cost the Bengals the AFC Championship or if the Eagles had the easiest road to a Super Bowl ever.

Then Michael Strahan dropped this tweet from the clouds:

Look at my man Stray coming with the receipts from 15 years ago! Once A Giant, Always A Giant isn't just a phrase Mr. Mara utters so they can honor old Super Bowl teams during home games when the team is struggling. It's actually a way of life for guys that played for Big Blue. Love to see it.

Besides, if we decided on a player's legacy based on how they played during a few games as a rookie, Andrew Thomas would be a bust like all the nitwits said he would be after a few bad games against the likes of TJ Watt and Khalil Mack instead of the All-Pro anchor he blossomed into this year.

I have no clue if Kayvon Thibodeaux will be a great player or open Pro Football Reference for even five minutes to find out who the best players of only a decade ago were. But I'm pretty sure he enjoys playing the role of The Bad Guy that Razor Ramon made famous once upon a time, which is admittedly pretty fun, and was an absolute GAME WRECKER against the Commanders during the biggest game of the Giants regular season.

Also I have no problem with the occasional ricochet shot that comes in the heat of a Twitter dust up. But this shot at my guy Larry Tynes was COMPLETELY unwarranted by Staley.

I was always a fan of Joe Staley but now I have to reconsider if he doesn't respect kickers because I always say you can't win a Super Bowl unless you have a capable coach, quarterback, and kicker. They all start with the same sound if you say them, so it is kinda catchy and undeniably true, as Tynes' two rings prove.

Or maybe Staley doesn't respect special teams altogether, even though he should because one of Tynes' rings may have been on his finger instead if not for, well, you know…