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First BIG Trade Of The NHL Season Is Done. Bo Horvat Is A New York Islander

I am blogging this now because I think Frankie out to dinner/in jail/in an insane asylum. Guy is a lunatic and was freaking out at a bar to the point that people complained to the hostess. True story. The twist is that Frankie is right and they are wrong. BIG move for the Islanders. A put your nuts on the table type of move. 

The clock is ticking with this core and Lou apparently doesn't give a fuck that the Islanders are currently sitting in 10th in the East. They're two points out of a wild card spot, but it's now or never for the Islanders with this group. Horvat is the guy that can make you competitive in the Eastern Conference and I think that Metro Division is kind of there for the taking. There is so much parity in the NHL right now that you really do just need to get in the playoffs. If Sorokin plays well I could see the Islanders beating Carolina or a young New Jersey team. It's not out of the realm of possibilities at this point, and it probably was before the Horvat trade. 

The Islanders still have a little cap space and they might have a little more work to do to fill out the rest of their roster, but they're a lot closer to making a run in the playoffs now than they were an hour ago. 

Full terms of the deal here