It's Highly Important Over These Next Two Weeks To Remember That Jalen Hurts Is The Most Valuable Player In Football

Tim Nwachukwu. Getty Images.

There are going to be plenty of discussions revolving around the MVP award over the next two weeks. Super Bowl LVII will be featuring 2 of the finalists for this year's award going head-to-head against one another with Jalen Hurts and Patrick Mahomes. Granted, the award is technically based on regular season production. But when you've got 2 finalists going up against each other in the Super Bowl, it's safe to assume that February 12 is going to play a role in deciding who wins the award. 

But allow me to take you bitches to school real quick and make it abundantly clear why Jalen Hurts is THE MVP of the league. Because this award isn't handed out to the BEST player every year. It's not an award that is just handed out based on who had the best stats. The MVP is presented to the player deemed to have added the most value to his team in that season. 

You can't argue the value that Patrick Mahomes has to the Chiefs organization in general. But how much value has Patrick Mahomes added to the Chiefs this year? The team has played in 5 straight AFC Championship Games. They've won 3 out of the last 4. For better or for worse, this is just the standard for Kansas City. He took the Chiefs from a team that was expected to be in the AFC Championship Game to a team that was in the AFC Championship Game. 

Now what about Jalen Hurts? Nobody expected shit out of the Philadelphia Eagles this year. There were plenty of people out there who saw how many picks the Eagles had stockpiled for next year's draft and just assumed Jalen Hurts would be playing for his eventual replacement this year. Then he goes off to have one of the greatest offensive seasons in recent memory. Breaks the record for single-season QB rushing touchdowns. Leads the Philadelphia Eagles to the Super Bowl after most of the country didn't even think they'd be a playoff team before the season started. 

Both guys took their team to the exact same stage this year. One was expected, one was never given a chance. You tell me who is more valuable. There's only 1 answer.