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The Kid Who "Can’t Get Caught”

I feel like it’s safe to say that when we were growing up, there was always that one kid you hung around with that “couldn’t get caught” because he had “too much to lose.” 

This ego-centric party animal, let’s call him (Googled “douchebag names”) Blake. Blake has always found himself in life altering situations that he felt he didn’t deserve the consequences of. 

It all started in middle school…

You and your friends would get together to hangout and as soon as dusk hit, it was time to “ding dong ditch.” A game that evoked a special type of high that we’ve been chasing ever since. Everyone knew the risks. It’s what made this childhood activity so exhilarating. 

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Like many middle schoolers, you went door after door until you found yourself running from the police. 

This is when Blake has his sudden epiphany that trouble is just around the corner…

Blake begins to beg and plead to the rest of the group to cover for hime so that he doesn't get caught by the police. Because if he gets caught by the police, the police will then tell the school, then the school will tell their coach, and they won’t be able to play varsity.

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The group agrees to keep the star athlete safe. Which is the beginning of a lifelong pattern.

Fast forward to highschool…

The same group of friends go out to a party, and like most parties organized by 16-17 year olds, it gets busted. This is when Blake begins to plead his case once again, and for whatever reason it’s always about a scholarship for a college they’ll inevitably drop out of. Getting saved once again. 

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But, homeboy never seems to learn his lesson. Throughout high school and college he now feels as if he is above the law, which pushes him closer and closer to finally getting caught. While also developing cheating characteristics. 

Fast forward 6 or 7 years later, our guy is now just a glorified hometown hero, with a DUI he simply couldn’t hide from. A prominent non-tipper at the local dive who spends his days perched up on a barstool reminiscing on the same highschool stories like a grandpa with dementia. 

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