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Billy McFarland, The Fyre Fest Con Artist, Is Charging $1,800 An Hour For His "Consulting Services"

Mark Lennihan. Shutterstock Images.

Remember Fyre Fest, the disaster of a music fest that got the documentary treatment from pretty much every major streaming service and dragged Ja Rule's name through the mud? 

Well, its founder, Billy McFarland is fresh out of prison and is back on his bullshit. In addition to his "virtual reality powered experience" called PYRT he's peddling his viral marketing/social media services. And what better way to promote his new venture than a Twitter thread sucking his own dick?

But it is not cheap to pick the brain of one of the legends of the game…

NY Post - Infamous Fyre Festival fraudster Billy McFarland thinks an hour of his valuable time is worth nearly $2,000.

The convicted con man, who had nothing but time on his hands while spending four years in prison for bilking investors out of $26 million, recently launched a new scheme that offers advice to tech entrepreneurs for a mere $1,800.

The consulting fee is one of the services provided by PYRT (pronounced “pirate”), McFarland’s new venture that smacks of his notorious music festival fiasco in the Bahamas.

The company promises to deliver a virtual reality-powered experience where users can beam themselves onto a tropical island from the comfort of their homes and control what happens there, McFarland claims.

A link from the bare-bones PYRT site to the business communication platform Calendly shows McFarland’s hourly consulting fee of $1,800, designed to help tech companies expand their reach on social media platforms.

That's right, the guy who schemed, lied and straight up stole from people (even though it was kinda funny because it was mostly rich assholes) wants to teach you how you can deliver like he did. For what it's worth, those social posts did do numbies…

I wonder if he's giving a discount since he spent the past 4 years in prison and is probably a little rusty at social media. I mean, TikTok wasn't even a thing when he went away. And I'm pretty sure the fakest dude to ever do it would spontaneously combust if he ever logged on to BeReal.

Of course, he'll probably find success…

The same people who still look to Liver King for advice on living an ancestral lifestyle and/or just took part in Adam Neumann's latest fundraising round will sign up for this in a heartbeat. And they will get conned. And they will cry and complain about Billy McFarland being a menace to society. And absolutely no one will feel bad for them.

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