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Logan Paul Teases A "MAJOR" Announcement With Dana White Tomorrow

Well that video certainly makes it seem like Logan Paul is gonna announce that he's signed a contract to fight in the UFC tomorrow, doesn't it?! He even says he wants our boy Paddy Pimblett at the end of this promo!

I'll temper my expectations and assume that it's just a deal for the UFC and PRIME, though - which is Paul's sports drink, if you weren't aware. Logan Paul is a master of going viral and knowing juuust how much to tease for clicks, and I think this is just his latest troll; I'll gladly eat my words if I'm wrong.

You know what really fascinates me, though? Logan Paul seemingly has a phenomenal relationship with UFC President Dana White while his brother Jake is at war with him constantly. What are those talks about the UFC/Dana like between brothers? Do you think it irks Jake at all when Logan praises Dana publicly? Could it possibly start to drive them apart?

I mean - I've made it very clear that I'm not a big Paul Brothers guy, and I'm not rooting for a family to split up, but if the tension ever got to the point where they fought EACH OTHER?! Now THAT would be must-watch TV. I'd buy that PPV in a heartbeat.

Check back here tomorrow for an update on what this means - and if there isn't an update, it means it was a troll all along and I'm not giving PRIME the free ad. They already got one in the form of this blog today.

P.S. If the UFC ever allowed it to happen, which they won't, Paddy would rip both of Logan's arms off like Chewbacca within a minute.