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The NYPD-FDNY Hockey Game On April 15th Is Coming To Barstool.TV With Whit, Biz, RA, and A Ton Of Special Guests and Surprises Planned

A few months back, we (Spittin' Chiclets) announced that we'd hopefully be broadcasting the NYPD-FDNY game on April 15th at UBS Arena. Today, it became official! The Barstool.TV Broadcast will feature Biz, Whit, RA, Colby, Murls and tons more special guests from both the Barstool and hockey world and it's going to be one of the coolest things we ever do.

For those who don't know, the NYPD-FDNY hockey game is one of the best traditions in sports. The two teams play in front of a sold out crowd at either MSG or UBS arena. There are fights, highlight reel goals, chirps, and the hockey is far better than you'd think. 

Last year's game ended with the Fire Department winning in OT and there's no telling what will this year bring, both on and off the ice.

We are also launching a merchandise line with both teams, with 100% of net proceeds going directly to the Hockey Heroes fund. This fund will be split evenly between NYPD and NYFD with grants going to support a variety of community efforts and initiatives.

We cannot wait for this event. Whether you're at the arena or watching at home, much like the College Basketball Classic it will be uniquely Barstool and also a great game. Cannot wait for April 15th!