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Rubbin' Is Racing Is Back!

This NASCAR Cup Series season, Spider and I will host a weekly podcast...

Liam and Quigs will be producing, and together the 4 of us we'll be pumping out 38 episodes of the actual podcast along with positively LITTERING our YouTube page and social media with interviews and vlogs from NASCAR events.

(I forget which race this was… Maybe Poconos?)

As of right now, we are scheduled to attend anywhere from 6-10 races and we have nearly a dozen members from Barstool content slated to tag along… Many for the first time.

It worked out well last season with these three lovely ladies… 

So we're going to try it again, but with an uglier group this time.

The boys from Million Dollaz Worth of Game will join me and Spider in LA for "The Clash At The Coliseum" this weekend, and then both the Out & About AND Lowering The Bar crew will be with us two weeks later in the infield at Daytona.

Because nothing screams NASCAR like heavy water, Gille Da Kid, and Joey Camasta.

Giphy Images.

("Gentlemen, start your engines!")

We were going to have MDWOG and O&A at the same race but decided there is such a thing as too much irony.

Giphy Images.

On top of that, NASCAR will continue to get us in front of all its personalities, and we will be dropping in-studio interviews on YouTube with Jimmie Johnson, Noah Gragson, Erik Jones, Chase Elliot, Travis Pastrana, and Jeff Gordon all before the season even officially starts.

(I am the one in the light gray.)

The Barstool Sportsbook will be offering more options to gamble (responsibly) on races, Spider and I will try to find the best minds in racing to help us make our picks, and hopefully, that will be enough to get people back on board this weekly marriage of NASCAR + Barstool.

So Episode 1 of Rubbin' Is Racing with Spider & Large drops on Thursday, Feb 16th, and interviews to drop on YouTube leading up to then.

Take a lap.