Today In Airline Hell: A Girl Got Broken Up With During A Flight, So She Rationally Reacted By Shrieking Like A Banshee Nonstop

I know most people are going to criticize this girl for going batshit crazy and destroying countless ears that were already in hell after being clogged from the change in altitude. To be honest, I can't blame that line of thinking considering I briefly thought the crew was walking over to her seat to throw her off the plane mid flight at this part of the video, which is a technology I have been pleading for the airlines to safely institute ever since people started thinking it was okay to act like this on an airplane.

However, I think we all know that this was the ex-boyfriend's doing. If you date someone for a long enough time to go on a flight with them, you know how they are going to handle a breakup. Some may get mad, some may get sad, and some may shriek like they are getting murdered despite being in a jam packed tin can soaring 30,000 feet above sea level. 

I don't care what they were fighting about or how toxic their relationship was. You have to keep that relationship alive until the bird touches down and everyone has safely exited the plane. Holding 100+ people hostage to your ex's screams makes you just as terrible as her, if not worse since you knew what would happen once you ended things.

This guy knows what I'm talking about.

While I'm here, I would also kindly like to ask all the childless people reading this blog to kiss my big fat parental ass. I've heard all the takes about how babies shouldn't be allowed on airplanes because they may cry or throw a tantrum, which in turn would mean us parents would be sentenced to the hell of driving to all of our destinations to go along with the hell that comes with raising kids just because we had a few good minutes or minute of unprotected sex. 

But despite all that unwarranted slander, I gotta shout out the little baby that was perfectly well behaved and looking at its mom while wondering why the crazy person was shrieking like she was in a horror movie.

Come to think of it, 99% of the videos where people are acting out of pocket on airplanes are people without small children. So maybe you all should look in the mirror before you judge all of us tired parents who are significantly more on edge about what our kids may do on the flight than you are. I feel like this is where I should say "This is my Ted Talk" but I completely missed what that was all about, so I'm not sure if it actually fits here.

All that being said, people that allow shit like this to go down 1000000% be thrown in jail if not off the plane in mid-air just like this banshee lady and her ex-boyfriend.


P.S. I have to shout out Kelly Keegs for this throwback breakdown of a relationship dying on an airplane, which was essentially the little domino of the meme that led to the big domino her becoming the face of Swifties fighting Ticketmaster.