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Sexual Ruts & Boundaries With Parents Ft. What’s The G Spot?

IT’S BEEN A YEAR OF MEAN GIRL!!!!!! We decorated, popped champagne and even blew up balloons.. safe to say this episode is cuter on YouTube : ) It’s only natural we kick this one off with our favorite memory of this past year and how when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. 

Next, you asked we listened… we talk about how to breach the topic of sex with your partner on trying new things. We learned how to drive a car, we didnt learn how to have sex! We provide a few tips and tricks (and a vocab lesson, G string lol) Then we dive into parents and establishing boundaries, something we all deal with, but don’t want to. The listener question might provoke tears… would you rather see your pattern hold hands or kiss someone? Let that sink in. It might not be the answer you thought.