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The Eagles Won The Super Bowl, Rebuilt, And Are Now Back In The Super Bowl 5 Years Later. Washington Has Been Rebuilding For 30 Years and Ron Rivera Called This Last Season A Success.


We need to have a quick therapy session for us Washington fans, but fans of other teams are invited as well. Because shit is BAD. Am I jealous of the Eagles? Yes, absolutely 100% yes. They beat Tom Brady and the all mighty New England Patriots in the Super Bowl 5 years ago. One Super Bowl in my adult lifetime would be enough to let me rest 6 feet under in peace and happiness. And now the Eagles have the chance to make Philly fans feel that joy twice in 5 years. 

What has OUR football team done in 5 years? Lawsuits, congressional hearings, 2 different fucked up Sean Taylor appreciation days, 3 different names, 13 different starting QBs, a senile head coach, more congressional hearings, a stadium that dumps literal shit on the fans, speaking of fans- the lowest attendance in the league, and more additional lawsuits. And that's just off the top of my head. 

And it gets worse. The Eagles won a Super Bowl, realized they didn't need Carson Wentz, and then 5 years later the aforementioned senile coach paid Wentz $28 million and cost us multiple draft picks. Meanwhile the Birds drafted Jalen Hurts and developed him, surrounded him with ridiculous WRs, created one of the most balanced offenses in the league, and now are FAVORITES TO WIN THE SUPER BOWL VS THE CHIEFS!!!!!


Meanwhile Ron Rivera thinks this team took a step forward. We went 8-8-1. And he's happy with it.



I don't even get mad seeing the Eagles succeed while we toil away in football purgatory. It just shows that everything Dan Snyder has done is wrong and terrible. I don't root for the Eagles obviously, but I hope Snyder at least feels pain from seeing a division rival make him look like an asshole. I'm sure it doesn't though, as Snyder has no soul, but maybe? 

So I guess all we can do is 1) say congrats to ol' Smitty on going to another Super Bowl, and 2) Pray our long nightmare ends this offseason. 

Fuck Dan Snyder forever.