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TikTok PT Coach Says You Can Lose 1-2 Pounds Per Week By Simply Walking

Ya know something? 

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Sorry, Vikki. Sure, you spell your name all hot and sultry, but I don't believe you. Walking is the easiest thing on earth. Almost everyone can do it. These fad diets, pills and workouts NEVER work. Each and everyone of them always seem too good to be true and that's because they are. 

Lose weight the normal way - by doing 30 mins of peloton 3-4x a week and eating half-assed healthy, like ordering burrito bowls with easy rice instead of a full on burrito. It's a pain in the ass because peloton sucks and carbs are awesome, but I dropped like 25 pounds in 4-5 weeks doing that. I'm proof that you can have a body of a god in just a few short weeks and minimal effort. Don't worry about touching weights, they're wive's tales. Lifting heavy stuff is the worst. 

But 10K steps a day? Yeah that's a wive's tale too, unless you're starting off weighing 400 pounds. Walking ain't doing shit for any normal dad bod though. 

On that note, feel free to join my Peloton biker gang, the Buns of Anarchy. We ride once or twice every few weeks to stay in pristine condition. PFT and I think that pervert Steven Chea are in it:

Still a fan of Mary though. Love me a British accent: