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Micah Parsons Telling Lane Johnson To 'Go Win A Bowl For Our Division' Is The Lowest, Saddest Moment In Cowboys History

Oooooofffff. What the hell are you doing here Micah? We all know that Lane is battling through a brutal injury to compete. But you're the star of the Cowboys. You know what you don't do? Publicly tell the Eagles to go win a Super Bowl. Go ahead and tell him privately. Text him even. Sure. But the moment you publicly said this, it became the lowest, saddest moment in the history of the Cowboys.

The rivalry is dead. Fans can try to get all huffy. But the rivalry is now dead. The luster of the Cowboys being 'better' is gone. You can't publicly say you want a true rival to win the Super Bowl for your division. Not one person thinks that way. I hope the Eagles lose by 600. It's all I want from the Super Bowl. Because that's normal. I'm not going to be sitting around chanting NFC East. That's dumb as shit. I don't even care if Parsons grew up in Harrisburg. The moment you get drafted and suit up for the Cowboys, you gotta hate every other NFC East team. 

Then again, if you're the Cowboys you don't even know what it's like to win anymore. I wouldn't rule out them claiming this means something positive for them. You just can't say go win a Super Bowl for our division. Not in the NFC East. This isn't like the plucky Jaguars getting a good luck message from the Texans. That, I think we can agree, would be fine. No one cares. But this? Eagles-Cowboys? Rivalry is dead.