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The City Of Philadelphia Remains Undefeated Against Greased Poles And Elevated Surfaces

I'm not big on politics. I'm not the type of guy who is going to pay too much attention to a city budget. But the fact that the city of Philadelphia continues to waste time and money on greasing the poles in this city when the sports teams continue to smack the shit out of everybody is one of the most egregious misuses of public funding I've ever seen. I mean it was just a few months ago during the Phillies run to the World Series that we realized the greased poles never stood a chance.

If anything, the city should haven spent more money on reinforcing the bus stops than greasing the poles. 

I wouldn't mind spending taxes to make sure that 15 people scaling a bus stop didn't have to find out the hard way that they're not made out of titanium. But I'm sure the combined BAC on that bus stop is enough to make sure they just get out of there with some bumps and bruises. 

Anyways, it is a downright horrific night to be a pole in Philadelphia. About to be a brutal two weeks, all things considered. 

 Go Birds.