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The Empire State Building Lighting Up In Eagles Colors To Honor Their NFC Championship Is A Reminder That He Is A Skyscraping, Front-Running Piece Of Shit

There are plenty of rivalries here at Barstool. Portnoy vs. Goodell. Nate vs. Smitty. Rico Bosco vs. Roughly half the company (He's working on himself though).

But I don't know if any of them burn with the fiery rage that I have for the Empire State Building. 

It all started a few years ago with this tweet.

Seeing the colors of the Phillies, Braves, and Nationals atop what was once the tallest building in New York offended me to the bottom of my New Yorker soul. Even seeing the Red Sox colors shine brightly in the middle of Manhattan felt weird considering Yankees/Red Sox was a blood feud for decades.

If that big ol' bitch was named the American State Building or something like that, I wouldn't care. But he is named the EMPIRE STATE BUILDING, which is yanno, the name for New York. There was no more damning statement than calling Empy this fellow sports nutjob.

Bitch Boy Empy pulled a similar stunt as tonight five years ago by putting the colors of BOTH local teams' biggest rivals on his big dumb face.

The buildings of Boston would rather crumble than wear Yankees pinstripes just like the Rocky statue would rather drink poison than wear a Giants hat. Yet this asshole threw both colors up at the same time and did everything short of singing Fly Eagles Fly after the Eagles won the Super Bowl.

I honestly think the maniacs in Philly would burn down a building if it repped the Cowboys when if they ever make another Super Bowl. Yet this big fucking dickhead continues to betray the city he resides in and the state he is named after. What a fucking gutless donkey of a building.

On the bright side, it won't be long until that little bitch disappears from the skyline since his stature is quickly shrinking in the city he doesn't give a fuck about.

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I'm doing my part to make sure the future generations never even learn that traitor's name and will not rest until I push his lanky ass out of the city forever.

#DieEmpyDie. #TeamFreedomTower for life.