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Brock Purdy Left The NFC Championship Game With An Elbow Injury After A Brutal Hit By Haason Reddick...But He's Back After Josh Johnson Got Checked For a Concussion

Well damn, talk about swinging the momentum of a Conference Championship Game. Brock Purdy held onto the ball a little too long in the pocket, and Eagles star pass-rusher Haason Reddick made him pay. 

Bit of a rookie mistake to not have that internal clock in your head, but let's be real, Brock Purdy has been unreal since he took the reins of the 49ers' offense. Undefeated to this point. Showing poise well beyond his years and his draft status as Mr. Irrelevant. 

Unfortunately, it appeared as though Purdy wouldn't be able to finish the game. San Francisco's Super Bowl hopes rested on journeyman backup Josh Johnson. Although he led them to a touchdown drive, Johnson's bobble of a snap gave the Eagles a short field toward the end of the first half, and Philly cashed in with a TD run by Boston Scott to make the score 21-7.

PLOT TWIST, THOUGH. Brock is back after Johnson had to be checked for a concussion:


As great as the Niners' rushing attack is, it'll be tough to keep that established if the Eagles continue their dominating performance. Purdy gives them a better chance than Johnson — who committed two delay of game penalties — but it's unclear how effective he can be with that elbow issue. Totally sucks that he seemingly can't quite finish what has been one of the most improbable rises to first-year QB stardom in NFL history.

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